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November 18, 2017
Delly, Emmanuel III
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Emmanuel III Delly, born October 6, 1927, is the current Archbishop of Bagdad (Chaldean). He was ordained December 21, 1952 and appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Babylon, Iraq only 10 years later. In 1963 he was ordained Titular Bishop of Palaeopolis in Asia. Then in 1967 he was appointed Titular Archbishop of Kaskar dei Caldie. 30 years later he was appointed Curial Bishop of Babylon (1997) which he retired from in 2002. From there he was confirmed as Archbishop of Bagdad in 2003 and elevated to Cardinal November 24, 2007. During his time as bishop, he has made efforts to improve morale and relations of Islamic leaders. He is known for his respect and cooperation with directors of all churches. He has made contributions to the building of many churches throughout Iraq as well as aiding kidnap victims with finding work and safety. He is fluent in seven different languages, has a Masters Degree in Philosophy and is a Doctor of Sacred Theology as well as Canon Law.