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December 12, 2017
Puerto Rican cardinal urges prayer for politicians
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.- The archbishop emeritus of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez, is calling on the faithful to pray and do penance that God will enlighten the leaders of the country and “strengthen them spiritually.”

The cardinal said “we can’t do anything else” because “the decisions are in the hands of the political leaders.”  He emphasized the fact that leaders are called to be “true public servants, above all in these moments of crisis for the Puerto Rican people.”

Speaking to local reporters, the cardinal expressed his hope that through prayer, a transformation of political leaders might take place that would lead them to overcome their differences and remember that they have been elected in order to help the people.  He recommended they ask themselves if they are being “faithful” to those who elected them.

“Certainly we have to think that if the current leaders are not able to resolve serious problems, especially those of an economic nature, in a timely fashion, then we need to think about new leaders who are willing to keep the promises they make to voters and who are truly willing to resolve the problems at hand,” he said.

Regarding Holy Week, Cardinal Aponte recalled that “the true triumph and victory is in the resurrection of our Lord, and that is the day we all must celebrate.”

“We cannot stay focused just on the crucified Christ.  We must accompany the Risen Christ, who is the one who after his Passion has truly brought us spiritual victory for our salvation,” the cardinal said.